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I hired myself.

I hired myself. Yep. For once, I actually took myself seriously like a client and made myself moodboards and got envisioning everything before going out to splurge. And by splurge I mean new and thrifted. Thrifted!?

Ok breathe and let me explain.

Over the years, my style has changed.

I went from ultra European, modern, leather, glass and chrome bases to soft linens, greens, neutrals, earthy, dark, warm and calm. Did I spend lots of money redoing my house? Maybe a little. But I’m getting to a certain level of serenity I always craved.

Instead of repainting my ultra cold grey walls, I learned to use decor (which is cheaper) to create a subtle sophistication in my home.

First off, thanks to my grey era (2015) my walls are "Burnished Clay" by Behr. Picture a grey with a slight hint of purple on my walls. Almost like Calm by Benjamin Moore. Painted twice. Now imagine, ultra grey laminate floors (yeah I know, it was 2015 ok?).

As you can visualize, my home is quite cold and has been for a long time. Just after I had my first baby, I found my genuine leather ultra modern tuffeted grey clean line sofa (Sears Home) and my tempered glass tables (Bouclair) everywhere a little unpractical.

So I turned to fabric and wood.

Sound like someone you know?

Image: before kids

But no matter what I bought, I felt like nothing worked. And I consistently blamed my walls and floor.

"WE NEED TO MOVE." - me to hubby, since 2018

I lived with a large deep seated modular fabric sectional (which I looooved cuz it was like a bed) for 6 years til I was like yeah, enough is enough. If I wasn't going to move yet into my dream home, I may as well invest in some decent furniture that was presentable.

During the 6 years though, as I helped more and more of my clients find what their style was, I started to realize what mine was. Because it def wasn't the Y2K chrome anymore. But you'd think, "aren't you a designer? Doesn't this stuff come naturally to you?" NOT FOR MY OWN STUFF IT DOESNT. Cuz I see sooo many options on the daily, I feel like I want it all.

And remember, all these years my house was the problem, right? Hah.

I sat my butt down, and made a moodboard with all the images I've collected in my favourites on my phone and figured what worked best in my space. I had to work with what I have otherwise I'd go crazy (and the market hasn't been in my favour lately).

Fastforward to 1 month ago. I pop into Structube just cuz that's what I do in my free time, I shop around for clients. And I noticed this beautiful leather sectional (yeah I contemplated 2 large sofas but no...I can't have it all).

I've always been against leather since my Italian set, because I thought it felt cold during the Winter months and told my mom (who has 15yr old genuine leather beautiful couches) that I'd never buy leather.

This wasn't 100% leather, but it was close enough and the price was nice to see if I really could love it again. Expensive risk? That's what I live for lol

So, I spontaneously, after 3 visits to the store, bought it. And then a coffee table. And then end tables. And most recently a chair. All from different stores but boy, did the ideas and items flow and go together flawlessly. IM HAPPY LIKE MY CLIENTS. FINALLY.

The end.

I lied. I made my way to VV (for those that know) and thrifted some beautiful antique vases that worked so beautifully with my decor (think roman ceramic vases with lightly painted decal). Throw in some pieces I already owned and I got me my dream space. That's the part that naturally works for me.

Now, all you hear at my house is,



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