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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Where to start. When one moves into an apartment, we think ooooh must be easy. Small space, NBD. Not the case.

The excitement of moving into an apartment whether you be renting or purchasing an apartment condo, the main goal is to feel as much at home as can be. It isn't simply about moving your previous furniture into your new space. Downsizing is a huge reason for furniture to just not work anymore (love my grammer) and many other reasons for having awkward furniture.

Take into consideration the spaces that need to be around your couches, your coffee table, your dining table, the lighting heights, your side tables, where your plants will go, whether it's even a good idea to keep any plants or accessories on the floor anymore, where will your TV go, the entertainment center doesn't work on that small wall that shares with your sister's bedroom.....I can go on. These are just some examples of things that are considered when moving into an apartment. They don't call it apartment therapy for nothing. It really does need thought and nurturing to create a cozy space.

What to do? Start fresh.

If you really want to know that you won't need to buy new furniture for your apartment, try taping on the floor the dimensions of your furniture to see that you'll still have space to move around. Make sure to sell/throw things you never used in your previous home that will just clutter your new place. Less is more, especially in apartments.

When choosing artwork for your walls, try to choose 1 piece items. What I mean by this is if something comes in a set of 3 canvases, choose 1 large one with a pop of colour.

Mirrors are a huge YES in apartments as they make your space BRIGHTER, and the illusion of more space.

Plants are a great addition to your apartment seeing as your view may not include lots of greenery in today's non stop developing...mess. Be sure not to add too much but place them in different levels of the house. This means hang some, have some on the table, and some on the floor. I would say keep a limit of 3-4 plants in one space.

These are just some ideas of what to take into consideration when moving or decorating inside an apartment. To each his own but a little push and advice can get someone started in the right direction, to complete the space they've dreamed of!


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