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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Remember back in the day when we'd find at least one of our relatives with a large fake green tree in their living room? It's baaa-aaaack.

But now the trend is back in a cool way. Not only fake but real plants are making their way into the home again and I'm quite liking it actually! #Succulents and large leaf trees are seriously making me fall in love. Not just visually but the health benefits are fantastic too!

Benefits of having greenery in your home include:

- Reducing carbon dioxide levels

- Increasing humidity

- Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide

- Adding colour to the space! (cuz seriously...all these black and white decor trends are killing me a little)

- Can help in your mental state - as the snow hits and the depressing time after Christmas comes around, we tend to forget what Summer looks like.

- creates a hobby

- visually appealing

My #decor advice is to put a tree minimum 4' tall, if it be real or not (cuz I really don't have a green thumb) is to put it in a spot in your living room or reading nook where you can fit a cozy couch or chair. Away from windows but enough for natural light to hit it. Sit next to the plant and large pillows and presto! I really think you'll enjoy the feeling.

Faux greenery can be purchased at a lot of the furniture stores around #LondonOntario. I suggest you go to a nursery if you're looking for real greens to take care of, such as Parkway Garden Centre.

Happy Shopping!

- Sabrina

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