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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We all wish for that dream kitchen. The one with a huge island to entertain on - sorry - for letting that cup sit on, that farmhouse tub sink that we can let dishes pile up in, the clean and large cabinets to hide our collection of mugs in, and those fancy appliances that will hold our expired jars. If you're building your dream home from scratch, most of those items can be completed before moving in. But we can't get it all when purchasing our first home. So, we #renovate.

Renovating can be a fun and also stressful experience - I for one can say that. I'm here to give you some advice on starting your kitchen renovation. Let's start by creating a mood board. Similar to creating a Pinterest board but with everything side by side. This enables you to envision the colour scheme you're aiming for. This also allows you to create a price list so you know what to expect to pay for your masterpiece. Be sure to include simple colours, clean lines, metals that compliment each other and appliances that fit.

#Cabinets can be all one colour along with the island or you can mix it up and have a two-toned kitchen.

#Backsplash can be a pop of colour (if cabinets are simple) or you can create a wash of the same colour throughout. Depends on your style and inspiration. Marble, porcelain, etc.

#Countertops have to be durable. Quartz is the popular choice as its easy to clean, low maintenance and comes in fantastic options.

#Lighting is key as it decides how bright we make a kitchen. Kitchens should be bright so no matter what mess there is, the kitchen looks clean. One single light, pendants, and pot lights are options to think about.

#Appliances can be fancy these days. If you like filtered water and your house doesn't have a filtration system, getting a fridge with a water and ice dispenser can be handy. Remember stainless steel fridges? Options like black stainless fridges are making an appearance. Great modern approach to black appliances in my opinion.

Once you've figured out what you want, hiring a designer to help you design a great layout is key. We go through the practicality of what your every day kitchen routine is and what the rest of your house looks like so it all ties together. A designer will source the items you're looking for and make sure everything is of great quality too (I know we like Amazon, but do you really know who made it?). Show us your #pins and #inspo photos and we'll help you create a mood board as well.

The handy part about hiring a #designer, is that we work with great tradesman that get the job done and done right. It isn't recommended to hire people that can do that job through online posts. Choose reputable businesses to help you create that #dreamkitchen.

Renovations vary in time so patience is key. Plan ahead, think on it, change your mind 1000 times and you'll get to that kitchen you've always wanted. There are ways to get as close to what you want. Trust the process and get renovating!


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