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DIY "Welcome" Sign

Most of us have a welcome door mat that we rub our feet on before entering a home. Give it a month and that baby starts to fade. Why not make something that will last and that looks beautiful on your porch from your driveway?!

Try this quick DIY that worked for me:


  • 4' Wood Board (I used a 8.5" x 48" board)

  • White Chalky Paint (I literally used some leftover white paint I had from my cabinets)

  • Sponge (cut into 2)

  • Printer

  • Exacto Knife

  • Clear Tape

  • White Paper

  • Wood Stain

Step 1: Prepare your Board

My porch is covered so this step is pretty easy as I don't have to worry about the elements.

Once you've picked a rustic stain, stain your board with a sponge. I used one of my kitchen sponges cut in half. WEAR GLOVES, as I learned that the hard way lol. I used 2 coats of stain on either side of my board. I used a 3rd coat only on the outer edges to create that glow affect.

Wait for it to dry (I waited a whole day, only a few hours between each coat).

Step 2: Creating my "WELCOME" Stencil

I'm all for buying proper stencils at Michael's but I didn't feel like going out for something non-essential right now so I made a quick and easy stencil via my printer and knife.

Print out this stencil: STENCIL PRINTOUT

Once you've printed out the stencil, tape the pages to your wood board to see that they fit well.

Once position is where you like it, mark where the pages start and end.

Take a magazine and put the stencil prints on them while you now use your exacto knife to cut out the black ink. For the letter "O", I kept the white inside and later taped it in position.

Step 3: Transfer Letters to Board

Layout your taped letters together and place them as well as any cut out decor where you want them. Use a sponge and dab a little paint and apply. I waited and did 3 coats so that the paint wouldn't bleed out of the stencils or curl up the paper. Once dried, carefully remove the stencils as to not to drag any excess blobs of paint.

Let fully dry. and VOILA! You're ready to lean your Welcome Sign for all to love! :)

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