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As we near the #holiday season (did you just panic?), you start finding people around you looking to better their homes. Why? Because why wouldn't anyone want that feeling of warmth and coziness in colder weather. Okay, I lied. Family and friends come over more often (because no one wants to be out in the depressing rain and snow) so what that means is your house is more exposed to being judged. Yep, judging you and your mess. I mean your beautiful home. That home that you have just randomly placed #Homesense finds everywhere thinking you're the next Joanna Gaines. If you didn't just look up and look at your living room decor, something is wrong with you...haha. JK.

The holidays are coming, so this month my goal is to get recipes and as much #decor advice out in your face so you're ready! You shouldn't feel like you can't invite family over this holiday because your house is "just not there yet". I'm here to help!

If there is a topic you'd like covered on the blog, comment below!

- Sabrina

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