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Thinking of selling your home in the near future? Here are some friendly tips about how to get your home ready to sell and sell fast!

1. Take away any personal photos around the house. Yes, everything. No one wants to see your family or how cute your dog is. The purpose is for a buyer to only see themselves living in the space. Not you. They know you live there. Kapeesh?

2. Fix the stuff that's broken. Find your old linoleum is peeling on the sides near your door but you're too cheap to change up your flooring? FIX IT. Have you been staring at those chips on the corners of the wall or near your garbage pale that keeps hitting the wall as you open it? FIX IT. People look at that stuff. Trust me, I'd know. (I'm a real estate sales representative too).

3. Get rid of the nasty smells. No one needs to smell your cat litter that's been sitting there for the past week cuz you're just so lazy to clean it up. FEBREZE THAT. AIR WICK THAT. Whatever you have to do to make sure there's no smell in the house is what you gotta do.

4. Declutter. Yes, you have a very nice collection of nik naks on your side table but guaranteed that buyer is looking at it with disgust (or never know people these days). Get rid of the small stuff on the floor, get rid of shoes, get rid of dead plants on the counter. Everything randomly catching your eye, get rid of it. That can include your cat. I like cats...really.

5. Mow the lawn. If you're selling in a season where snow is not covering your front or better believe you gotta clean that up. Everyone is judgy these days. That can give buyers the wrong idea about how you have maintained your home.

6. Call us. Yes. Plain and simple. If you're finding all this a little overwhelming and don't know where to start, that's what we are here for! We will come in and help you get your mind organized on what needs to be done prior to you selling your home. The minute you're thinking you might sell, We'll be there.

Look at you! You think you can do it now? I don't think so, cuz you probably wouldn't be reading this if you could. Good luck!

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