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Warm Light vs Cool Light

What in the world do I mean by Warm vs Cool light?

Envision this. You walk into a showroom and see a sofa you're in love with because it looks like a taupe modern piece of yumminess. Then you take a swatch of that fabric home and notice it's more of a cool grey. WHY!? The lighting in that showroom played a huge part in what you saw.

Best advice with every paint colour or fabric option, is to bring a sample into your space. No one in the store or showroom knows what lumens your bulbs are shining and you probably won't know either walking around.

How can I test what kind of Lumen (light output/colour) I have?

1) you can use a Lumen Meter. Yup, those exist! Just measures the amount of light in a space.

2) check the bulb or it's package. Usually says it right there!

Lighting requirements depend on the type of room being lit.

How do I determine how many lumens I need for my space?

1) The Lumen Method. Use this guide along with the square footage of your space!

Image below shows what is meant by a Footcandle. Basically how much light shines how far.

*****So to calculate approximately how many lumens you need for your space,

multiply your room square footage by your room foot-candle requirement.*****

The lower the lumen, the warmer the light output as seen in the image below.

Hope this helps in understanding what light can do in a space and how to determine how much you need. If you need help understanding what lumen looks best where, click below and we'd be happy to help!

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