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2023 Design Trends

We are well into January and it's time we discuss what Design Trends you may see in 2023!

Get ready for:

Dark/Moody Hues - Gone are the days when everyone loved all white everything. Think Dark and Dramatic! These warmer tones will make spaces look more sophisticated and comfortable, especially complimented with warm furnishings and accessories. You'll find deep charcoals, greys and browns.


Plays with Patterns - Patterns and wallpaper are coming back! Floral prints on walls and textiles are making a return this year. Creating a calm and inviting environment.


Mixed Eras - Remember that time you went into Homesense and found a unique find and bought it...then brought it home only to wonder how you'd incorporate it into your existing style? Then kept it under your basement stairs til you could find a spot? Well here's a unique way to use those pieces. Strategically of course. Mixing pieces from the past and present is making its way into 2023 Interior Design. Creating more thoughtful and thought provoking interiors is the goal when mixing past pieces into a space.

Time to hit up those vintage stores!


Scalloped/Round Edges - Curves galore! We saw arches peek into 2021 accessories and now, we see the scalloped techniques in furniture and doorways. It's here to stay! My favourite has to be the round boucle furniture we're seeing more and more of lately. Comfy and appealing to the eyes, circles are that alternative to sharp and rough edges. Dating back to the 1950's, round chairs have made a comeback and with some edits and revisions, it's made it's way a-ROUND my heart!

More design trends coming your way! Keep an eye out for our next blog about more 2023 design trends we're spotting lately!


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